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Natalie 16th Oct 2014 counsellor
Wondering if anyone can give me guidance around reliable RTO's who provide the Cert IV Leisure and Health course online?

I need to be able to do this course of study flexibly online because of work commitments but I'm not sure who are the best providers.

Any guidance appreciated!
Donna 22nd Feb 2015 Activity Worker
Yes please I would like to know this too as I'm thinking of doing the Diploma in Leisure and Health.
Michelle 26th Feb 2015
Hi there...I completed my Cert IV Leisure & Health last year through TAFE. The course was run online through their New England Campus (Tamworth) with a weekly live (on-line) classroom.
Terese 10th Apr 2015 Carer
Hi Michelle, how did you find doing the course online ? Im going through tafe it was once a week now its once a fortnight, I start in the industry on Monday and struggling to get assignments done as there are no work books to go off, its all pretty much google for me...did you get work books ?
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist
Hi Natalie, I did my Cert 4 in Leisure and Health through T.A.F.E (but an external course) from Hervey Bay Queensland as I was already working in this line of work (trying to).
I found this very difficult as I was not supported throughout the course from my place of work though the teachers were very helpful when there.
I am happy I completed this course and love trying my best to help residents maintain as much normality in life as possible while making them happy.
All the best in your studies.
Cheers, Lyn.
Shantell 21st Apr 2015
Hi Everyone

I did my training a few years ago now through my workplace. I had been working in the industry for years and needed to be trained so I went through Tamworth TAFE and it was via correspondence. To say it was difficult, is an understatement. I found that I had no-one to bounce ideas off or ask questions or be able to discuss what you were learning. And as i was already working in the field it made me second guess myself ALOT!!!! In hindsight if I ever had to retrain again, I would prefer classroom contact hours.
michelle 25th Apr 2015
I guess it depends on your own learning style.... I am over half way through the cert 4 with South Brisbane TAFE, which is fully external. It is based on workbooks. I have found it to be fairly time consuming, but found this to be less pressure than having to attend lectures. The supervisor is happy to answer questions if I have needed help.

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