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kerryn 17th Oct 2014 lifestyle and leisure coordinator
Wanting to make bon bons for xmas to sell, is there anyone that knows what else to use other then toilet rolls
carol 22nd Oct 2014 lifestyle coordinator
at our facility we used paper sort of in between card and paper, measure out a template, this has been a great success. Good luck
Karen H. 25th Oct 2014 Student
Hi Kerryn. Basically toilet rolls are used because they are a hollow tube already eliminating that step in the cracker making process. You can easily make your own tubes by using card stock wrapped around a tube shape and taped closed, then removing the tube shape leaving you with a hollow tube of card stock.I make miniature crackers using a small glue stick as a template for my card stock tubes then tissue paper and ribbon to complete the crackers and embellish them with Christmas motifs. Hope this helps.
Karen 28th Oct 2014
Hi Kerryn. The other things you can use are gladwrap and alfoil rolls. Just cut to the size you want. Cheers Karen O'Donohue
Julianne 29th Oct 2014 Activities Officer
Not allowed to use toilet rolls as😉not safe. Comes under work health and safety rules.
kerryn 7th Nov 2014 lifestyle and leisure coordinator
yes thankyou all. Our volunteer insists on collecting and using them...
Leonie 17th Nov 2014 Activities Officer
Hi kerryn
Spotlight sell the tubes that you are looking for they come in packs of 6-8 and are reasonably priced

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