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Ngoc 27th Oct 2014 lifestyle student
Dear Golden carers and all fabulous people .
It would be very kind if some one could help me how to write a progress note for a client's lifestyle .
I would love to learn so I can do a proper job after I qualify,
Thank you in advance for your kindness
Wendy 4th Nov 2014
when writing progress notes concentrate on what you actually want other stakeholders to know. Refer only to resident, client etc no are already in the casenotes of the resident.Remember to write short note on what the client did, taking into account description of action. As a lifestyle therapist you must only report what occurred not what you think happened.Read other professional progress noting this is good idea to get used to terminology used. Example. Resident attending knitting today socially interacting with other clients.Enjoyed teaching others her knitting skills and commented how she looks forward to coming next time. Hope his helps, progress noting is not easy and you have to think what you are writing as this is a legal document if you not sure seek assistance.
Ngoc 5th Nov 2014 lifestyle student
Thank you very much Wendy , that is a very good explanation which helps me to know how to write a progress note for the Client .
I am so please to be a member of Golden carers .
Jackie 13th Nov 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
I would be very careful when writing in progress notes stating ' Resident ENJOYED the activity ' If I observed that they looked like they enjoyed the activity, I will write 'Resident SEEMED to enjoy the activity'. The only time I will write the resident enjoyed the activity is only if the resident stated that to me verbally....therefore this is fact. Never assume residents enjoy an activity by observation only - I have had accreditors ask 'How do I know that resident enjoyed the activity ?
karen 14th Nov 2014 Activities Officer
Yes, Wendy is right. When writing progress notes you need to keep it factual and to the point. Also, proof read what you have written and check spelling. Spelling mistakes in any work is not good enough.
Lalaine 8th Sep 2017 Life Style Officer
Hi there, Im very interested to learn what terminology use in Progress note. I wish someone will share . Im doing nail care and hand massage
Talita 9th Sep 2017
These articles may be helpful:

How To Write Progress Notes

Professional terms to use in Resident Reporting:
Lalaine 21st Sep 2017 Life Style Officer
Thank you, Talita
Leslie 22nd Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
You can also purchase books that help with the process of Care Planning. Check out resources such as Nasco, Seabay and S & S catalogs.

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