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Sally 25th May 2015 Activities Coordinator
I'm starting a Hand and Foot spa room in the Low(ish) Care section in which I work. One for ladies and one for men. Ladies are easy but men are more tricky. I'm calling it "The Man Cave" and I think instead of tranquil music I'll bring some Country style or maybe some good yarns on disk. I was thinking about decorating the room, any ideas?
Josephine 28th May 2015
Ooh Sally what a wonderful idea ! Look at the backgrounds of the men, that may give you a clue as to what the men have been interested in. Maybe magazines from their interests e.g. Interest in horse racing - contact local race club for some old racebooks etc.
Sally 23rd Jun 2015
Thanks Josephine, I'll do that. Already tried one day (for the men) and no-one turned up. The ladies said, "Blow them!!" they don't deserve it we want there time. I think I'll keep trying for a while. Men are more reserved than women. I actually had a gentleman turn up for the Ladies spa day (but I think he thought it was an "all in" spa.
Kymberly 26th Jun 2015 Activities Coordinator
Hi Sally, do you need specific qualifications for this?
Solange 28th Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kimberly, in my experience you do not need special qualification for Hand & Foot Spas or Beauty Therapy in nursing homes settings, however it is better to check with your facility’s protocol. Use caution when choosing products; the milder the better and of course standard hygiene precautions are a must; wash and disinfect utensils after each client to keep infection control to a minimum.
Sally 8th Jul 2015
Thanks for all your suggestions. I am following our facilities policy on massage and am only massaging in a mixture of sorbolene and olive oil. When soaking feet it is in warm water with vinegar and epsom salts. I need to be careful with diabetics as the massage can raise blood sugar levels
jennifer 10th Jul 2015
Hi Sally,
What a great Idea. To increase the participation of the men perhaps you could tell them or create a little flyer advertising the Hand and Foot Spa with the benefits of massage on it. The benefits are many, e.g. boosts circulation, reduces tension in stiff joints, calming to mind and body, reduces feelings of loneliness, decreases joint pain, assists in relieving arthritic pain.
Are you using a specially purchased foot spa or a plastic container with warm water in it?
Sally 15th Jul 2015
Hi Jennifer, I am only using a plastic container that can be sterilised after each use.
Kylie 16th Jul 2015 Lifestyles/ carer
we had our first ladies spa day on the 3rd July, they had sparkling grape from wine glasses and we also had a nail technician come (volunteered) and did some beautiful nail art. The ladies couldn't wait for the next spa day.
Kymberly 1st Aug 2015 Activities Coordinator
Can you explain to me what beauty therapy might include please? I'm interested in this idea - would it be done by appointment or door-to-door or all together as a group? What about time frame per resident? Thanks for your help
Sharon 5th Aug 2015 RAO
Hand and Nail pamper's where you soak the residents hands and then give them a god massage using a hand scrub (we use a nutrametic's one), then give the nails a cut and hands a massage with some lovely hand cream. Have some relaxing music on, the residents love it. We also have volunteers that put on makeup using disposable cotton buds and balls. Brush residents hair, plait or put long hair in a bun. Foot spas and leg massage with a rich body cream are another idea and great for residents in tub chairs.
Christine 5th Aug 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kymberly.
I run a beauty therapy activity at an age care facility every Thursday for the ladies.At the same time I have a male volunteer who has a male group session.
My room setting consists of along table in the middle of room for seating around. Soft music and essential oils. Table setting full length pink table cloth.Placed down the middle of table I have Fresh flowers, Mirrors, hand creams, Finger nail polish, Remover, Cotton wool balls etc. At each place seating I lay out a hand towel small bowl, with warm soapy water for soaking there fingers.finger nail file and glossy colourful magazine on cooking, beauty, Gardens, cook books etc. We have a policy that each resident has there own utensils. These I keep in a bag with there names.
Its very helpful if you have a volunteer or too to help with the ones that need ass. Sometimes I have the help to pamper there hair. For this you will need water bottle spray, hair dryer and hair spray add to the atmosphere.
Warning this activity is very popular with all ladies and the occasional ladies man. lol.

Sally 6th Aug 2015
Sharon and Christine your hand pampers and beauty therapy session sound amazing. My session is not quite so extravagent but still well received. Feet and hands are soaked and then massaged in sorbolene and olive oil. Soft jazz music played. The activity takes about 2 hours by the time I set up and clear away as I don't have any volunteers for this activity. I usually have about 5 people at a time and I often feel that I don't give them as long as I would like eventhough they really enjoy it.
Solange 7th Aug 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Christine, what a lovely activity! You put a lot of effort and preparation. Your clients are very lucky indeed. I can see why it is so popular. Congratulations.
Olwyn 5th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist
When I run this activity, (Pamper Day) the ladies are invited with printed invites. After they arrive and are waiting for their turn the residents colour in pictures or do a theme related quiz together. The morning starts with high tea, served at a large table. One by one they book in a time session throughout the day with the DT, either before or after lunch. and state their preference rose, lavender, or lemon. Their massage includes this essential oil in a carrier oil or cream. Some have their hair done, some hand massage, some manicure. and others choose makeup. After this we finish off with a pretty scarf and jewellery if they wish.( I have collected scarves from op shops and hand laundered them as a group activity previously. ) Sometimes i take photo and later they see themselves pretty on the TV, or these photos can be used for "This is your life" activity.
Susan 6th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Sounds great Olwyn
Thanks for sharing

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