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Sam 24th Jul 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi All,
I am after prize suggestions for Bingo. ??

My residents LOVE to get a prize when they win bingo and I think its a fun and appropriate thing to do.

At the moment my prizes are donations from a "Avon Lady". Whilst they are good they are getting a little tiresome. I also provide the option of freddo frogs, little bags of chips, or coffee "vouchers" more so for the men.

Any suggestions??
Josephine 25th Jul 2015
HI Sam, seems that you have been quite creative already, why not put the call out for little donations for prizes, highlighting it needs to be something fun even from those $2.00 shops, this may help in some way and also the budget too. If you have some budget - why not look at shopping there or even at op shops for little trinkets. Hope this helps you Sam.
Jennifer 11th Aug 2015 Care assistant/activity coordinator
Hi, we have a prize bingo game too and although we include toiletries like shower gel and body spray I also add individual packs of tissues, lip balm and wet wipes as full line or 4 corner prizes and things like cross word and word search puzzle books as main prizes for those who prefer them.
liz 13th Aug 2015
Hi , We have a trade in table once a month , prizes at bingo and other games is "bingo points" I make on the computer , the clients save their points up from games played during the month . They trade them in on a variety of items , this gives them a "shopping experience" , buying tooth paste , tissues , shampoo , powder , cards etc ,I ask if anyone needs anything in particular before I get the items . This activity has proven to be popular with them all
Jodie 23rd Oct 2015
This is a great idea but how much is each point worth.
Jemma 27th Oct 2015 Diversional Therapist
little magnifying glasses are always a hit as well as foaming hand soap for the vanity in their room. we always have a lot of donated wool on hand which makes a great prize for any keen knitters in the group!
liz 10th Nov 2020 recreation officer
I have different amounts 50, 100 then have 500 & 1000 for special games lines , racecourse , etc. Make things up as I go
Susan 11th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the info Liz
Katherine 13th Nov 2020 Activities Assistant
I do Monopoly $ as prizes, then every other week we go “shopping”. I was able to get lots of donations of little trinkets, I hit up yard sales for for odds and ends. I was able to get a lot of costume jewelry. After I thoroughly sanitize everything, it goes up for sale. Since we can’t go out, that’s what much of my residents miss, I bring the shopping to them. I give them little treats and snacks while playing, so they “win” something tangible as well, especially for our folks on the memory care unit.
Susan 13th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Katherine
Robin 19th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Our facility used to do the prizes, the number one prize was tissue.
We now give quarters for each game won and they can spend them in our store and they love it. They also win quarters for other games we play too.
Susan 20th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Robin
I used quarters as prizes also
You are right the residents love them
Now with Covid do you clean the quarters before you distribute them??
Thanks for your info
Brent 22nd Nov 2020 Leisure Group Assistant
I have over the last few months moved away from handing out prizes at bingo and gone for a points system. Then at the end of the year will have a shop or auction when they can use their points.
Susan 23rd Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brent
That is a good idea as long as the residents are in agreement with it
Diane 25th Nov 2020 Activity Therapist
Hi all I tend to do theme style prize bingo with xmas approaching prizes would all relate to xmas time ,same for Easter etc which the residents enjoy.
Susan 26th Nov 2020 Activity Director
That’s another good idea Diane
Thanks for sharing
Jean 26th Nov 2020 Activities Provider
I have had to adapt as we are a dementia home and at times we have people join in the bingo who are not able to actually play the game, they enjoy being part of the group and may sit and arrange the covers on their card to make patterns etc. At the end of the session everyone gets to choose from a selection of small chocolates, they generally open and eat it straight away 'instant gratification'. By the time they eat the chocolate they have forgotten that they played Bingo.
Susan 28th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thanks for your feedback
Chocolate are a great idea as long as it is their dietary plan
Thanks again for sharing

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