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Sally 26th Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator
We do Chair exercises twice a week in our Low Care area of a larger nursing home. On Mondays we have a fabulous volunteer and on Wednesday I basically copy her exercises and add lots of ballgames for some variety. I would love to do the exercises to some upbeat music for a change and was wondering if people could recommend some music. I have seen some good clips but most are very American.
Georgina 29th Sep 2015 Lifestyle Co-ordinater
Abba songs are great for some upbeat music. I work in high care and most of the residents are in wheelchairs but they can relate to the Abba songs and love to move to the music.
Kymberly 14th Oct 2015 Activities Coordinator
Dont know if it's a bit too adventurous but i would like to work out sitting dance routines to some familiar songs, just as they knew it to be in their day. And if they would like to do their own random moves thats great too. For 'Singing in the Rain' i had a drum stick sized prop for them all and we danced like we would with a walking cane and did tap dancing
Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hello Sally,
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. 1970's music. it is American. Can be found on ordering music and book locations. Works well for wheelchair dancing, ball exercise, and upbeat stimulating music.

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