Encourage residents to share their thoughts and stories, creating an atmosphere of lively and meaningful conversations.

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Rhonda 4th Feb 2024 CNA/Homecare Provider
What type of work did you do?
What career would you have chosen if you had it to do over again?
How many siblings did you have?
Who was your favorite TV personality?
What was your favorite subject in school? College?
Name a famous person you would have loved to meet? A famous person you had a crush on?
What was the name of your classroom crush? Classroom rival?
Name the make/model of your first car.
Where was your best vacation?
Susan 5th Feb 2024 Activity Director
Thank you, Rhonda
Hilde 31st Jan 2024 Ergotherapeute
Dank je, goed idee
Angela 26th Jan 2024 Activity Coordinator
Can we get some more question ideas please?
Talita 26th Jan 2024
More questions have been added Angela!