Crosswords are fun & versatile. They are suitable for social settings and individuals. They may also help improve memory & brain function in older adults.

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Cheryl 4th May 2020 Activity Carer
This helped a lot. Just created my first crossword. New to creating things just finding my way around. Thank you
Talita 11th May 2020
So good to hear! Thanks fo ryour feedback Cheryl!
Jessie Ann 28th Apr 2020 Community Life Director
I love this feature. I was able to create one that was specific to our community. We will have so much fun with this. Thanks so much.
Talita 4th May 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Jessie Ann!
Talita 30th Dec 2019
Thanks for your feedback Trish!
Susan 24th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Another idea is to have the high functioning residents create a puzzle for the lower functioning residents
Susan 24th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Hi Trish
Here is a thought
You could create puzzles that you can print out and is there in large them I draw them on the whiteboard
For those who do not wish to come to the group or cannot you can hand out puzzles to them and see how they do
Trish 23rd Dec 2019 Activities Assistant
Thank you so much for the crossord puzzle maker. This is going to help me a lot. I have to hand draw the puzzle on the white board, and with only a small amount of questions, I can draw it quicker. The puzzles are easy, but I'm with skilled/dementia/Alzheimer residents in the morning and higher functioning residents in the afternoon. I will create something for them at a later date! Thanks again.