Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

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Marie 15th Apr 2024 Manager
Thank you Stefanie for this. It is a great reminder that in our caring roles we should not only tend to the physical, mental and psychological, but also the spiritual; the whole person. Many of our clients are no longer able to attend places of worship, so bringing worship to them, through a time of devotion to God, is so very important and well appreciated.
Yvonne 17th Jul 2023 Activities Co-ordinator
I would like to have a daily devotion booklet to read with my service users pkease
Susan 18th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Just press download and print for the daily devotion that Stefanie has suggested
You can also use our daily bread or


you can ask a church for a booklet
Here are some other ideas
Alison 28th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator
We already use 'Our Daily Bread' ~ a great resource and easy to use. I have the digital version for me to use which links through to Bible Gateway for the Bible reading each day.
Virginia 16th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist
Thank you, Stefanie, for this Daily Devotion activity. I will incorporate it on our daily activities.