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Tathra 25th Aug 2020 Residential Care Co Ordinator
Loving these poems, very heartfelt x
Mary 4th Aug 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thats what l thought use in father's day cards
Talita 12th Aug 2019
good idea Mary!
Julianne 29th Aug 2014 Activities Officer
Thank you so much for I'm going to put these pomes in on each table and get residents to read them out. If you have anymore that would be . Julianne
sandra 26th Aug 2014 volunteer carer
Wonderful, I certainly will use the poems with my weekly Chat Group.
Thank you Sandra tasmania
Emilie 16th Aug 2013 AIN/RAO
Thanks for this, we are going to put the poems into our Fathers Day cards.
Tonia 11th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator
Will be using in Father’s Day card too x