Find the hidden objects in this car yard illustration!

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Susan 29th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Veronica 29th Apr 2021 Lpc
I love the idea, especially in color. but my people find them too easy. Not enough challenge.
Beverly 9th Jan 2021 Therapeutic Recreationist
This is a great puzzle to do in particular for those that cannot read. Would you happen to have any more? Thanks so much for all the valuable puzzles they are a great tool!
Talita 9th Jan 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Beverly! There are more in this series here:
Kathryn 6th Jul 2020 Personal Trainer
Talita 12th Jul 2020
Thanks Kathryn!
Angie 13th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator
That would be brilliant, Talita, if you could. The pictures are so eye catching. Thank you
Susan 12th Aug 2019 Activity Director
If it’s too difficult give hints so It can be successful to all residents
Alison 11th Aug 2019 Activitycoordinator
Great ideas and pictures nice a little difficult for our tenents
Talita 20th May 2019
Thank you for your feedback Angie! We will see what we can do to get some easier ones up on the website.
Angie 12th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator
That would be brilliant if you could ,Talita . Thank you so much
Angie 14th May 2019 Activities Coordinator
I love your "hidden objects"
BUT our residents find these too hard to find