Find the hidden objects in this Libary illustration!

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Susan 1st Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Angela
It sounds like a good idea as long as the residents can see it
I think helping each person is great
Then when everyone is done you can compare what each has
Susan 31st Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rob
You are right this is more an individual activity
But you can do it in a group by giving everyone the sheet but they have to find the hidden objects
In addition you could show the picture on an overhead device
Then you can discuss what you have done
Rob 30th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator
Looks will be great to show this to an individual, but how do you use it as a group activity?
Angela 1st Feb 2021 Lifestyle Therapist
I'm going to print it on A3 and hand out highlighter pens so they can each work on it at their own pace. One group I have is very supportive of each other and help those struggling with a task.
Gail 7th Apr 2019 Carer/Activity coordinator
These are brilliant, I'm going to try them with my group next week .
Talita 8th Apr 2019
Love to hear how it goes! Thank Gail!
Maureen 4th Apr 2019 Personal Carer
My client love these
Talita 8th Apr 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Maureen!