Link the food to its country of origin! A lovely food-themed quiz that will lead to reminiscing and discussion!

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Talita 11th Apr 2022
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pdf presentation Sara, it has been added to the activity! Thank you!
Sara 14th Mar 2022 Life Enrichment Manager
Great quiz! I created a power point version with pictures based on your list (hope thats okay!) Gonna share it here in case anyone would like to use it :)
Talita 14th Mar 2022
Thanks for your feedback Sara! Yes, please share your powerpoint with us!
Shelley 1st Jan 2019 Music therapist
I would love to see some recipes to go with this quiz, then I could offer an around the world program with some of your favorite tried and true recipes. thank you for sharing this quiz.
Talita 5th Jan 2019
Hi Shelley, that's an interesting idea! Perhaps we can link to some relevant recipes. Good idea!