English is a tricky language; here are some confusing translations and amusing tourists signs found all over the world.

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Susan 14th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Thank you for the update
Glad things are going well for you
The residents at the place you work at now are very lucky
Karen 13th Mar 2022 Activity Professional
Hi Everyone, its been awhile since I've shared with everyone. Hope my colleagues in Activities are well. I did change my job. Yes, still in ACTIVITIES, but so much closer to home! Gas prices have skyrocketed! My new Activity Director has joined Golden Carers! I continue to be inspired by the many ideas shared by all of you Activity Professionals across the continents. Thank you for your dedication. God bless everyone.
Eryl 23rd Jan 2021 Lifestyle Facilitator
Bahahahaha!!!! That's hilarious. Looking forward to facilitating this one. Thanks for the giggle
Eryl AKA Pix. Activities Coordinator Western Australia
Talita 25th Jan 2021
I love these humorous ones too Eryl! Hope it goes down well!
Susan 15th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing this I hope others will try this also. It is always good make residents and staff laugh
Hazel 14th Jan 2020 Activity Leader
The residents, staff and myself haven't laughed so much for a long time until we read the "Lost in Translation" activity quotes, we continued to smile for quite some after the activity had finished.
Talita 20th Jan 2020
So good to hear Hazel!