This Day in History for Seniors: February

This Day in History for Seniors: February

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A reminiscing magazine for every day in February!

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Yvonne 18th Jan 2018
thankyou very much for the monthly Today in History it is a great help for LEO staff and my residents really love it.
Talita 20th Jan 2018
Thank you Yvonne! This is wonderful to hear and we really appreciate your feedback.
Melissa 16th Jan 2018
Thank you so much. Residents love me reading this to them every day
Talita 20th Jan 2018
Ah so nice to hear. Thanks Melissa!
Christina 16th Jan 2018
This is great! I love this!
Talita 20th Jan 2018
Thanks Christina!
margaret 8th Jan 2018
I absolutely love this also. I learn something new every day. Thank you for your hard work.
Talita 14th Jan 2018
Thanks so much Margaret!
Andrea 6th Jan 2018
I just wanted to tell you that this addition of "This day in History" is phenomenal!!!! I've been looking for something like this, and to have it all done, makes my job so much easier! I love your website and my seniors enjoy all of the great activities! THANK YOU!!
Talita 6th Jan 2018
Thank you Andrea! We so much appreciate your feedback! All the best for 2018!
Carolina 5th Jan 2018
Love, love, love this new addition!
Talita 6th Jan 2018
Thank you so much Carolina!

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