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Susan 12th Jun 2020 Activity Director

10 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity in Your Workplace

Hi Danielle
I worked as an activity director for many years in a facility north of Boston
We had a lunch similar to what you described during
Nursing home week
The other ideas you have a very good and it’s always good if you can get the CNA’s involved in the activities
Thank you for sharing
It sounds like you are doing a great job
Danielle 11th Jun 2020 Therapeutic Activities Director

10 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity in Your Workplace

As a nursing home outside of Boston, Massachusetts, we have a VERY diverse population of staff from all over the world, especially Africa, Central America, and South America. Every year on Nursing Home Week we do special programs for the staff, and we always have an international lunch and dinner just for the staff that features food from the countries they are from. And we encourage staff to dress in "native clothing" and we play cultural music and decorate the room with all the flags of the countries that are represented in our staff (which are many!). The staff LOVE this event every year!

In activities on a smaller scale, I have had a cultural appreciation group, which is a multi sensory travel group where we explore a country like Haiti for example, where many of our staff are from...I print out pictures, play Youtube travel clips to that location, play music, bring food if I can...and I try to do it on an hour when I have nursing assistants helping who are from the same country. It was really special...and its nice to have the other staff involved in activities and enjoying it.
Sandra 8th May 2020 Activity Director


any ideas for national nursing home week in rooms
Kristen 1st May 2020 Activity Director


Thank you! Our resident's can't even come out of their rooms. We've been bringing activities around for them but I might post pone nursing home week. I'm not sure. It's so tough!!
Kristen 27th Apr 2020 Activity Director


I'm in MA and I'm pretty sure we will still be on lockdown/isolation until May. I was wondering what some people who are in the same boat as me are doing for Nursing Home Week? I was thinking a theme for the day and room to room goodies, etc? Thank you!!
Pam 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director


I always try to go by the national theme but this year it is hard for me. I am doing a college theme. Art 101,Literature101 Music 101, Physical Education101 ETc. The last day we will have a brunch in the morning and making pictures of residents, in the afternoon graduation with the administror handing out certificates . We are going to let the residents do wisdom jars the week before for staff memebers during nursing home week. With this being our theme I feel like I need more activities for them to share their wisdom. Any suggestions for college week theme using "Sharing Our Wisdom.
Susan 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director


Hi Teresa
I like your theme for nursing home week
Here is what you can do
First read the comment from Kim about what she’s doing for Mother’s Day and my answer to it
Off to read this article by Haley and then adapt and modify these activities to meet your needs
Like trivia singalongs and reminiscing about each decade
Susan 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director

19 Ways for Residents to Socialize in Isolation

Another great article Haley
You can use the many of these ideas and adapt them as necessary for special days coming up like nursing home week
Teresa 21st Apr 2020 Activities Director/CMT


Hi there,

With restrictions in place what are you planning for national nursing home week? We are planning a themed week. "Through the decades," starting with the 40's-80's. What are some activities we can do while social distancing? I am lost...

Thank you!
Susan 30th Apr 2019 Director of Activities


We are very excited for National Nursing Home Week and I wanted to share out week with you all. In the U.S. the national theme is "Living Soulfully." Monday; we are opening with an entertainer in the morning, and in the afternoon we are holding a "Fellowship Social." Tuesday is "Goat Yoga and Companion Pet Day." We have goats coming in the morning and a yoga instructor. At noon right before lunch we will have some "Pet Jokes." In the afternoon we are having visiting pets. Wednesday is "Nature Day." We are creating nature prints in the morning and rock painting in the afternoon. For those is are unable to participate we have some beautiful nature videos played to music. Thursday is "Kindness Day." We are passing out carnations to all the residents, church service in the morning and Kindness hearts in the afternoon. Friday is "Fun Friday." We have "Buffalo Animal Adventures" coming in. At noon its Funny Jokes and at 2:00 it "Build Your Own Sundaes."
Susan 26th Apr 2019 Activity Director


I am unfamiliar with dementia week
In the US we celebrate national nursing home week which is the week of Mother's Day
We usually have special activities for The residents
I have great entertainment this week and a dinner for the residents and their families with great entertainment
We have a resident choral group which usually performs sometime during the week
I like having a resident choral group
Because it gives the residents an opportunity to sing and when they perform they feel good about themselves
I hope this helps
Susan 25th Apr 2019 Activity Director


I always found that doing activities related to the theme is good

Hopefully you can get the help of other staff members

We offered the staff treats as well as the residents

I am also have activities that the residents and staff can do together an ice cream social works great

Do not forget to include the family and have a special dinner for family members residents and staff

We also played intercom bingo where the staff is assigned to a resident to help them

We gave out many prizes to both the staff and the residents

Also don't forget to have some great entertainers that week that everyone enjoys

You may want to invite members of the community to come to your facility which could be a marketing tool as well

Good luck let us know how your national nursing home week turns out
Susan 25th Apr 2019 Director of Activities


I was wondering what everyone is doing for National Nursing Home Week?
Christina 17th Apr 2018 Activity Director


Hello Everyone! This year for National Nursing Home week, the theme is 'Celebrating Life's Stories'. Anybody willing to post what you are planning?
Rene 6th Apr 2017 Program Director


Are you all excited about National Nursing Home Week? What are some ideas you have on your calendar?
Solange 6th Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist


Hi Rene,

That is a great date to celebrate with themed events, parties, and concerts, for both residents and staff.

Here is a small list:

- Invite a Fire Brigade truck for a few hours
- Remember Elvis Presley (with or without an impersonator)
- Wheelchair Race
- Have a Luau party
- Invite a Spanish folk dancing group to perform (or any other folk group)
- Staff Line Dancing
- watch a wonderful movie together
- Food Festival
- Hillbilly Day, and more.

Enjoy Nursing Home Week!