Friendship Wheel

Friendship Wheel

Shared By Glenda   Australia

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Residents reminisce, enjoy the tactile and sensory colours and friendships promoted while they let their creative side get arty, have fun, and use many skills which they didn't know they had.

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Sally 27th Jan 2016 Activities Coordinator
We tried this activity last year during a visit from a local primary school. It was great to see the sharing between these different age groups. We presented the wheel to the class at the end and they were overwhelmed.
Michelle 14th Jun 2015 RAO
This is a great idea. We have a weekly friendship group and this would be a great actvity to get everyone involved.
Carolyn 14th Apr 2015 student
Sounds like a great idea. I will try it sometime.
Sue 14th Apr 2015 Centre Coordinator
I think this is a great idea, and would look good on our outside wall under the covered walkway. Just had our bulk rubbish pickup, so may have to wait to source a bicycle wheel till the next one. Good opportunity to use up all the odds and ends of lace, ribbon and yarn too!
Bluecare 14th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapy
love love love this activity idea! going to try it soon.