Providing lovely visual stimulation, this activity encourages creativity and should be placed in bedrooms and recreation areas. A great activity for men!
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Providing lovely visual stimulation, this activity encourages creativity and should be placed in bedrooms and recreation areas.


  • Provides social stimulation and a sense of accomplishment.


  • Old & scratched CDs
  • Construction paper of various colours
  • Bright paper, newspaper, magazines for decoration
    Alternatively: paint and brushes or coloured pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Metal skewer
  • Black marker
  • Fishing line or yarn


  • Create templates using the provided patterns of fins, tail, mouth and eyes.
  • Trace onto construction paper or plain paper.
  • Decorate tail and fins as you like or paint if you have used plain paper.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly (half an hour).
  • Meanwhile decorate CDs as you like on both sides.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Glue eyes and mouth and allow to dry.
  • Make a small hole at the top of the dorsal fin with a metal skewer.
  • Insert a nylon thread or fishing line.
  • Hang on ceilings or attach to walls as visual stimulation

Files included:

Download Image

Recycled CD Fish

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Marianna 23rd May 2019 Activities Coordinator
The residents from my Home really enjoyed making them! I love Golden Carers website xx
Talita 27th May 2019
Wow they turned out so well Marianna! Thanks for sharing a picture with us!
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager
What an awesome idea, cant wait to do this, we were looking for ideas to decorate our rooms.
Ruth 19th Jul 2014 Recreation Therapist
We did this craft activity & they look fantastic! We hung 4 underneath
each other & they look really affective.
Great activity!
Ann 8th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapists
Great activity residents having fun decorating cds.doing this activity over a period of sessions.many thanks Anne at Summerset at summerhill NZ
Shirley 17th May 2014 Recreation Officer
Looking forward to making this activity this week. Shirley NSW
talita 4th Jun 2013
Well done Heather! Thanks for sharing your photos.
Heather 1st Jun 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
This is our finished craft from the activity recycled fish. We have them hanging in our dining room. They look great.
Heather 19th May 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
I did this with our high care dementia residents friday, we did the first part getting our fish ready then this week will start making them colourful, it was a great idea and they all enjoyed it, one lady said she cant wait to make hers all bright and colourful. Great Idea. thanks
talita 20th May 2013
Thanks for the feedback Heather! We would love to see some photos when you have finished them.
Talita 5th May 2013
Hi Val,

The download was missing, thanks for letting me know.
You will find it at the bottom of the activity now.

This is a great activity, the fish turned out so beautiful, I hope you enjoy!
Valerie 5th May 2013 Recreation Therapist
I have just printed out the friendly version but there is no templates for the fins, tail, mouth and eyes.
I was going to do this with my residents this week.

Val from NZ.
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