Make these lovely bow ties in a craft session and give them to your male residents on Father’s Day!
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Make these lovely bow ties in a craft session and give them to your male residents on Father’s Day!


  • To promote goodwill
  • To enhance self esteem.


  • Men’s handkerchiefs (one for each resident).
  • Safety pins

Instructions (see video below):

  • Iron a handkerchief and fold it into a triangle.
  • Starting from the point, start folding your bowtie all the way to the end in the width you want the bow tie to be.
  • Fold the handkerchief lengthwise slightly off-centre so that one end is longer than the other.
  • Hold both sides of the handkerchief while you flatten the middle section to form the bow tie.
  • Twist ends and wrap the longer end around the front to hold the bow tie together and then tie the two ends together at the back.
  • Tuck the ends into the bow tie folds.
  • Place a safety pin at the back and fasten to clothes.

Watch the video!

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Talita 7th Aug 2017
Thanks for all you wonderful feedback everyone! x
yasmin 5th Aug 2017 Recreational therapist
I love the ideas for fathers day celebration.I am going to prepare the bow ties with my residents.Thanks so much.
cheryl 22nd Aug 2015 Lifestyle tam member
Love the bow ties, the men at our facility will love them, a great fathers day gift, you can always find craft for the women but I feel the men can be left out. Does anyone have easy activities, craft wise for men in high care to do?
karen 24th Oct 2014 Rao/ain
Thank you for this Video!!
Kim 15th May 2014 Activites coordinator
I am doing this, this year, am taking fabric of each male residents hobby or former job, such as fishing, tools, teaching etc. fabric, so each will be personalized to their personalities..running a hem around the edge, works very well, no fraying on the edges.(.actually am making mine 14" x 14".) for a bigger bow tie, to see the fabric designs. I love the pattern so simple..was going to cut and sew and cut and sew..but this is awesome! Our ladies in our sewing and embroidery club can even help with folding them. We named our sewing club "OWLS" older, wiser, lovelier souls...and they sure are!
Adelina 2nd Sep 2013 Recreation Activity Officer
I made Bow tie from old ladies Handkerchief for my male HC residents they look so Handsome with their Bow tie on, their facial expressions looks very bright and Happy we had Fathers Day Raffle tickets draw and entertainment it was a big day for my residents....We had a successful day....Thanks Golden Carers web site helps me a lot of ideas..
Joanne 19th Aug 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
We did this last year for fathers was great....
Emilie 16th Aug 2013 AIN/RAO
Thank you so much for this great idea! Am going to place them in our Fathers Day gift baskets!
Gisela Bernardino 3rd May 2013
I really like to watch how to make bows. Is that possible to get the tools and how much?
talita 14th Jun 2012
Thanks for notifying us Maggie, we will get this sorted out asap. In the meantime, you can access all the Golden Carers videos from our YouTube channel here:
maggie 13th Jun 2012 lifestyle&leisure
hi I cant seem to watch the bow tie video is it working
and there is a few more videos that dont seem to come up many thanks maggie
nola golding 4th Jul 2010 Recreation therapist
Hi My name is Nola and I spoke to you recently. I work at Buipa Campbelltown. I shall send my subcription in soon. Hope Fully tommorrow.
Nola Golding
Jenny 8th Jun 2010
so simple yet a great gift for the male residents of a facility
belinda 22nd Feb 2010 diversional therapist
What a great idea.
jeannette 11th Sep 2009 occupational therapist assistant
wow ,you make it look so easy,can not wait to try it thanks
judy 24th Aug 2009 Gerontologist
these look great - thanks
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