Painted Tulip Garden

Painted Tulip Garden

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We cut green tagboard to resemble grass and made stems from the remainder and had the residents paint the tulip outlines to complete our garden.

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Isabella 15th Sep 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator
We began this activity early this morning to fill a boring and dull space in our facility. So far this is what we have completed! And it looks amazing! Has made the space full of bright colours and each week we plan to add more things to it such as caterpillars, birds, bird house, more flowers, watering can etc.
Great idea! Would highly recommend and would do the same activity again switching up the season or event. I am thinking, 'Under the Sea', for the next one!
Susan 16th Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Isabella
Thank you for sharing
Julie 8th Jul 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator
This sounds interesting! It would be so helpful to see a photo of the finished project. Thanks.
Melanie 22nd Apr 2021
Wonderful idea!!
Would you be able to send a picture of the finished product?
Talita 8th Mar 2021
This sounds like a wonderful project Vanessa, thanks for sharing. Is there any chance you could send in a picture of your completed tulip garden for everyone to see? Thanks again! x