Attract birds to your backyard this Spring!

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Fiona 26th Aug 2023 Operations Co-Ordinator
In the recipe it say 1 packet of gelatine is that 125g or a small individual one.
Thanks Donna Rose Lodge Invercargill, New Zealand
Susan 26th Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Fiona
I am not sure, but it looks as if you say small packet of gelatin
Susan 30th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Dixie
This is a great tip and not very expensive
Thank you
Dixie 30th Jun 2020 CNA/Activities
I used toilet paper rolls slathered with peanut butter and firmly pressed to n bird seed. And, hung with jute string
Lorraine 7th May 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator Riverside
Have made similar feeders with open pine cones, hand made wire hook attached to top of cone. Then a mixture of peanut butter and birdseed pushed into openings. Then a quick roll in birdseed and hang it outside next day.
A very tactile and pleasing activity. Birds loved it.
Talita 10th May 2019
Thanks for your feedback Lorraine. What a wonderful idea to use pine cones!
Solange 9th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Wendy, I am so glad this activity worked for you. Your adaptation was very clever!
Wendy 9th Apr 2019 Activity Assistant
We did a similar project using large tree cones with a loop of string attached at the top, a mixture of peanut butter and lard that the clients jammed into the cones with plastic knives. Then they rolled them in wild bird seed mix, and placed in the freezer overnight. We put them outside the window in December but are finding more birds on them now in March and April! They are so successful that the clients want to make more and sell them next December with our poinsetta sale. I really appreciate Golden Carers site for lots of games and ideas. Thanks!