Bird themed picture bingo game.  We have a bird-watching club and I thought this was a good addition to incorporate into our bird-related activities.  When a resident calls

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Catalina M 14th May 2022 Activity Director
Thank you Golden Carers. Our residents love all kind of Bingos that you have provided for them, thank you again. Baldwin Garden Nursign Center.
Talita 16th May 2022
Thank you so much for your feedback Catalina!
Amanda 1st Oct 2020 Activities Officer
Thank you so much for this colourful version of Bingo. The residents love it.
The only, constant, discussion from my residents is that the Chicken is a Rooster so I have to say "The bird that says Chicken but is a Rooster", otherwise I am reminded again that I am wrong.
Lorraine 17th Apr 2020 Community Support Worker
All the Picture Bingo's are absolutely brilliant as all the clients are able to participate. thank you for the amazing resource. would love to know how they are done and have a go at creating some theme ones to give back to this wonderful site.
Robert 2nd Sep 2019 Nurse
Thank you so much for all the Bingos! We love them here and use them as a tool for reminiscing and discussion.