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Kathryn 3rd Jul 2018 Activity Director
Does anyone have any other short skit ideas.
I'm thinking ahead...we don't really do Halloween in the typical way. It has gotten to be such a "dark" holiday. And some of our staff for religious reasons, don't celebrate this. So one year we did Pumpkin Patch Party. we did a Talent Show. and an All Saints Day Costume Party, (residents, staff picked a famous Bible person or Saint, dressed up like him/her and had to give a short bio of the saint.) Some very creative costumes appeared! St. Peter with a fishing rod etc.....St. Appolonia the patron of dentists had a big tooth and pliers from maintenance....) We had Hillbilly Holiday, with the kitchen band, jokes and a skit. We had a grand time. So this year, I want to put on a couple skits with the staff and residents. Any ideas fellow activity people? THANK YOU
Kathryn 29th Jun 2018 Activity Director
I love this idea. We're going to try it. Very cute!
Talita 1st Jul 2018
Thanks for your feedback Kathryn, I would love to hear how it goes!
Rosemary 30th Jun 2011 Diversional Therapist
This sound great I like the ending