So I am the queen of recycling and the staff at my facility all leave me things to see if I can use them for our residents.

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Yvonne 5th Aug 2021 Respite Care
What a great activity which everyone can take part and fun.
Virginia 13th Jun 2021 Assistance In Nursing
This is really good Idea on the resident sitting on the care chair to engage then into activities . the resident who is bored walking around , I will asked to my husband to cut them and then the resident will paint them . thx for the Idea.
Elizabeth 13th Apr 2021 Librarian
What a great idea
Sandra 21st Aug 2020
Tania 21st Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Looks great. Always looking for games you can use inside and out so this will be ideal. Thanks
Ayesha 20th Aug 2020 Recreation Therapist
Love it. My residents really enjoy carnival style games like this.
Jackie 18th Aug 2020 Activities Assistant
I love this idea! I am going to have my husband help me make one! Thank you for sharing!
Talita 17th Aug 2020
Favulous idea Sara, thanks for sharing and taking a picture for us!