Glossary of Terms for Activity Professionals in Senior Care

Glossary of Terms for Activity Professionals in Senior Care

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The following glossary contains many common terms used by Activity Professionals working in senior care.  It is not a complete list but may be used as a reference point for newcomers to the industry.

A Glossary is a list of terms relating to a certain subject; a sort of dictionary containing specialized terms and their meanings. It enhances understanding and communication among clients and co-workers, and promotes improved client care.

In this article we cover:

  • Benefits of using a Glossary of Terms in your workplace.
  • Glossary of Terms for Activity Professionals - General
  • Glossary of Terms for Activity Professionals - Health & Fitness

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Susan 7th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Thank you for your kind words
I agree this is a perfect site with a wide range of activities
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Words cannot express how grateful I am for Golden Carers. The diversity of the material presented month after month is amazing. I am not computer savvy. I cannot live without you guys. Thank you Golden Carers !!!!
Susan 18th Feb 2022 Activity Director
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These articles should help you
If you need more help I have specific examples of something you need to write about let me know
katrina 16th Feb 2022 PCW lifestlye
good afternoon
just a question where do i find the sheet with the correct words to use in the correct way for documentation