Hang the Song Man

Hang the Song Man

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I have used this activity with long term care residents and memory care residents. Very Simple!

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Alexis 10th Jan 2023 Activities Director
I tried the idea of using song titles. Then when they thought they guessed it (which they did) I would say......"Hmmm, let's see if you are right" then I would play the song. Since they were oldie songs they were singing along. It was a fun twist. Thanks for the idea!
Luise 17th Dec 2020 Activity Coordinator
we play Hangman often they love it , we also play soccer in a circle which they love too.
Sarah 29th Sep 2020 Life Enrichment Cord.
I play Hangman with my residents OFTEN!. I addition to the songs we also use lines from Nursery Rhymes, Common Idioms/Proverbs and Gospel music lyrics. Guessing letters is fun for the more progressed Residents and figuring out the "Phrase" is fun for the more lucid members of the group. One our favorite "Everyone plays" games.
I do the same with pictionary. I draw and they have to figure out the theme or phrase based on each individual picture.
Susan 28th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Elaine
Thank you for your input
It’s always great when the staff gets involved
Kudos to you
Elaine 28th Jul 2020 Activities Director/ Speech Path
Just did hangman with the residents this weekend which was a big hit. We played several times on a wipe off poster. Clues were given about category, ( people, place, thing) and sometimes clues about letters ( ex: a letter made with the lips) . Definitely worked well after dinner in the group lounge as people could join anytime after finishing dinner. As the game progressed, residents would whisper new word to me and even a few aides became involved guessing. When one of them won, I had them choose the next word and facilitate the guessing which became an added bonus getting another staff member involved in Rec activity!!
Solange 29th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Well done Elaine! It is so rewarding when an activity hits the right spot. Thank you for sharing.
Susan 29th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kristine
Thank you for your input
East Grampians Health Service 28th Jun 2020 Resident Support Co-ordinator
Hi Amy,
I have also found that our residents enjoy this version of hangman. We also include singers, actors, movie or book titles. Often staff become involved too. A great group activity which promotes involvement by many and lots of fun.
eg/singer - Elvis Presley AND
song - Wooden Heart
Book and movie - Gone with the Wind AND
Actor - Clark Gable
Talita 26th Jun 2020
Thanks for sharing Amy!