There are plenty of reasons to throw together a festive hot cocoa bar this month, and it’s always a hit with guests young and old alike. Here’s everything you need to get your hot cocoa bar tradition going.

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Angie 19th Oct 2022 Activities Director
We made Homemade hot chocolate and gave them all kinds of things they could ad to it . Peppermint sticks,marshmallows, white choc, toffee pieces and whipped topping, we also had Christmas cookies out they could decorate too.
Talita 24th Oct 2022
That sounds sooo good Angie!
Susan 26th Oct 2019 Activity Director
I love Cocoa

Remember diabetic residents
You may want to use artificial sweetener and think of toppings that do not have a lot of sugar or any sugar
Cinnamon and nutMeg are good ideas
Also see if you can get sugar-free peppermint sticks
Crushed graham crackers are also good idea
Talita 28th Oct 2019
Thanks Susan, I have added this to the activity.