How To Review Your Activity Calendar

How To Review Your Activity Calendar

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Taking time to review our activity calendar each quarter will help us ensure we are providing optimal programs for all residents

Taking time to review our activity calendar each quarter will help us ensure we are providing optimal programs for all residents.

In this article we cover:

  • Why is Activity Calendar Review Important?
  • How Often Should I Review My Calendar?
  • Who Should Review the Calendar?
  • How Do I Review the Calendar?
  • What Else Can I Do To Keep My Program Fresh?

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Diana 26th Jan 2022 Activity Director
My biggest issue is they always complaining there's not enough activities and I add more to the calendar, and they only want to assist when Bingo is provided, I have tried aromatherapy, coloring, weekly package with reading and coloring material, still getting complains and unhappiness, any ideas what else can we try?
Susan 27th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Did you read the information I sent to Tamara
I think making these residents part of the volunteer team always worked for us.
Tell these residents that you are starting a volunteer program and you need their help
Have a list of things you need help with
Then see what they can do
If they follow through make sure to include them in the volunteer event
Give them a certificate and a small gift
Susan 11th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Tamara
Higher functioning residents are sometimes hard please
What I did was to have them be volunteers
And when we had our volunteer honoring program i made sure to include them
I gave them a small gift for their efforts at that time as well
You could have them help you at an activity Be a partner with
Lower functioning residents so they could participate in an activity
I am sure there are other things that they could do depending on your facility
Tamara 11th Jan 2022 Activities Manager
The struggle is definitely real...we make a point of asking during Resident Council, the problem there is that it includes our more cognitive residents that already have a big say as to what they like to see on the calendar. Changes are often met with sulking from them. I have included over the past 6 months a Spanish Speakers Group and a Punjabi Speakers Group 1x month each and that has gone well. I would love to see/read how others deal with their more cognitive residents and the complaints of 'nothing to do' when we offer activities for those with less cognitive abilities.