This is an engaging memory game designed to enhance memory skills and promote concentration. This is a fun game to enjoy in a group setting.

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Marie 15th Jan 2017 Activities
I used this activity for a small group of dementia residents and after the second try they were having fun.. They told me it was fun trying to recall what each one had said. At the end of the activity residents began to improve on there socializations, and helping each other to recall what was said and what they purchased at the market. Using the market idea was excellent. Thank You. Marie. USA
Sarah 26th Jun 2016 activities co - ordinator
Hi do you think these sort of games are suitable for those with dementia?

Thank you
Solange 27th Jun 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sarah, there are several stages of dementia as the illness progresses. People going through early stage dementia very likely would enjoy theses games. Of course, you as the Activity Coordinator would be best to make an informed decision. Try the game with a small group of people and see how they react. Sometimes clients surprise you with their hidden abilities.
John 20th May 2014 Semi-retired
I have made up a set of Memory Cards which are much larger than the usual ones.
They are about 180mm x 200mm, (7" x 8"), in size and I have hand-made them from Corflute, (the stuff that real estate sales signs are made from).
So far I have devised about 20 different symbols and pictures of various objects, but there is really no limit to the themes that could be used.
My intention in making them so large is that they are designed for the Memory Game to be played standing up and moving around a table, rather than sitting down.
I will be testing the Memory Game at Sunrise Supported Living Tuncurry for the first time this week, and will update this site with a report on how it is received by the residents.
If anyone is interested in finding out more about this Large Version of the Memory Card Game, please contact me via the Golden Carers forums.
Lorraine 18th May 2014 Diversional Therapist
I am a divisional therapist and I joined this site 2 months ago and what a difference it makes to my week of activities daily. many thanks. Lorraine
Shirley 14th May 2014 Recreation Officer
Thank you for this activity, we have played it a few times now and my residents love it, it certainly makes them laugh! Shirley NSW
Josephine 13th May 2014 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Solange,

Thank you for this great idea, I have a couple of blind residents and always looking at ways to stimulate the mind with them and other residents. I do like the idea of eating ice cream to it too !!! Thanks Tangi.
We did this on an ice cream afternoon, sitting in the garden under a long archway of blooming vines - just wonderful. It is definitely for a small group however, everyone tried hard to remember, lots of giggles.
Susan 4th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
We sat around the table for an hour, decorating Christmas cookies and playing this game. My residents said they have not laughed like that in a long time. Thank you.
Solange 3rd Jul 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for the feedback Kannie.Good luck with the game!
Kannie 3rd Jul 2013 Occupational therapist assistant
My name is Kannie janes, am new at being an OTA, so I really appreciate this site and I know am going to learn a lot from the other Ot here that has so much experience. I try out this game and see how it goes. Am already excited about it and I pray I present it well to my residents so they can enjoy it. Thank you