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Nicola 3rd Jan 2016
OMG, what a inspirational stories,(IS IT TURE)hope so.I think my residents will enjoy this.
Thank you.
Christine 3rd Jan 2015
Great story which has been going around the internet. Apparently, on checking, it is a myth.
Sort of thing which some of the residents where I work may challenge.
A pity really as it would be an inspirational story.
Regards Christine
Nita 30th Dec 2014
what a story, i will definitely share at my work or even with my family. thank you and happy new year to golden carer family and all the DT's around the world.
tina 7th May 2014
Thank you for this inspirational story.
Cheers Tina
debbie 16th Dec 2013

that sent shivers down my spine. One good deed deserves another. I will read this out to my clients today.

Merry Christmas to all at Golden Carers and the members at large.

Cheers Debbie
Tania 11th Dec 2013
Chicken Soup for the Soul, and varying titles of this are great short stories that are inspirational and will promote conversation
Vanessa 10th Dec 2013
Vanessa -Would you be able to tell us where to find other inspirational short stories, books or share more with us please.
Bronwyn 31st Dec 2012
Wow, I loved this and cannot wait to share this story with my residents.

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