This quiz is all about things relating to February. It includes historical events and trivia. It's a difficult quiz designed to promote discussion!

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Susan 17th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Janet
Thank you for letting us know
Janet 16th Feb 2021 Group Leader
I love your quizzes which are enjoyed by my group.
They were quick to tell me the answer to Question 1 is George VI not George IV. I thought I would let you know.
Talita 17th Feb 2021
Well spotted, thanks Janet! All fixed. Thanks so much for your feedback x
Susan 5th Feb 2020 Activity Director
It is always good to have a go to activity when other things do not work or just as a fill-in when you have a little extra time
Karen 4th Feb 2020 Activity Co-ordinator
This is now my "go to" for all quizzes and trivia! I cannot tell you how helpful it has been!
Thank you!
Talita 10th Feb 2020
Thank you so very much for your feedback Karen, this means a lot to us. All the best!