Host your own Italian Themed Party! A fun theme day idea for nursing homes and senior care facilities.
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Here are some ideas to help you plan an Italian themed party:

  • Search for pictures of Italian architecture and famous landscapes in magazines and old calendars, and then make them into a poster.
  • Greet each other in Italian for a day!
    Buongiorno (Hello or Good day)
    Ciao or Arrivederci (Goodbye)
    Grazie (Thank you)
    Prego (Please)
    Ciao! (Hi!)
    Come stai? (How are you?)
    Che Bello! (How beautiful)
  • Make large Roman numerals for colouring and place them on walls or hang from the ceiling.
  • Decorate facility with the Italian colours: red green and white; make flags, garlands, bows and paper fans.
  • Put small vases with a few stems of basil on each table.
  • Sing along with Popular Italian songs of the 1950s and 1960s (seel list below).
  • Listen to arias from famous Italian Operas (see list below).
  • Find more Italian activities here:
    How to host an Italian Day

Popular Italian Music

Marino Marini Quartet:

  • Come Prima
  • Quando, Quando, Quando
  • Marina

Dean Martin (Italian songs in English)

  • Mambo Italiano
  • Volare
  • That’s Amore

Arias from Famous Italian Operas

Classical music, especially Opera, does not usually attract a mainstream audience, however there are a small percentage of people devoted to this genre.

Find out who in your facility is an Opera-lover and gather them together in a room to enjoy the music. On the other hand you may ask your Italian Party guests if they would like to hear some famous Italian arias.

Here are a few to start with; you may find them on YouTube or source a suitable CD. Ask guests if they have a favourite operatic aria and add it to the list below.

List of well-known Italian Arias:

  • Sempre Libera – Giuseppe Verdi ‘La Traviata’
  • La Donna è Mobile - Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’
  • Largo al factotum della citta – Rossini’s The Barber of Seville
  • Una Furtiva Lagrima – Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore
  • O Soave Fanciulla – Puccini’s La Bohème
  • La Sonnambula – Bellini’s La Sonnambula
  • Nessun Dorma – Puccini’s ‘Turandot’
  • Un Bel di, Vedremo – Madama Butterfly

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Barbara 17th May 2017 Recreation Coordinator
I'm new to this site and love it! I just submitted an easy-peasy cannoli dip recipe that is absolutely delicious!
10 m
Ready In
20 m
Beat ricotta cheese and cream cheese together in a bowl until smooth; add sugar and vanilla. Continue to stir mixture until sugar is completely incorporated. Fold chocolate chips through the cheese mixture.
Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled, at least 10 minutes.
You can use sugar cones or cannoli shells (I break them into pieces) to scoop up this delicious dip! Mangia!
Solange 9th Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for your kind words Josephine. I am so glad the activity turned well for you. Best wishes.
Josephine 4th Jun 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Thanks Solange. Well the afternoon turned out better than was expected and some beautiful reactions from our residents, one lady who has reverted back to only speaking Italian was singing out loud which got us all in the mood. The pizza and wine went down a treat and I was able to get a DVD from the library that visited different regions of Italy. Something so simple turned out to be amazing. Lovely to get the tips from Golden Carers too. Just love this site.
Solange 25th May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Josephine, what a great idea! Congratulations!
Josephine 24th May 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Thanks for these ideas. I have been able to download some Italian opera from YouTube, mainly Andrea Boccelli and will be inviting all to an afternoon at the Opera, all to dress up, turn the lights down, plus work with our chef to make mini pizza's for afternoon tea with some wine ! I am looking forward to it.
Marica 19th May 2015 Exercise/Diversional Therapist
Hi! We never say Addio...that's mean Farewell...we say Ciao or Arrivederci.
Good day is Buongiorno
(P.S Turandot..Nessun Dorma)
No Avatar