Create your own ‘Left Zone’! Declare a corner of your recreation area a designated area where right-handers must be left-handers for the day!

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Sally 20th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator
It was a great morning! The librarian was bright and cheery and brought lots of supplies? My clients with the dementia still handled most of the activities? Get in touch with your local library, they are a great resource!
Sally 12th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator
We are trying this for the first time tomorrow at my new job. It was popular at my old job but my new place as a lady without a left arm so we have adjusted the day to a Braintraining day and having a visit from the local librarian. We are still having a small Left Handed Zone for those clients who may not cope well with the braintraining exercises. Will keep you in the loop
Talita 19th Aug 2018
Love to hear how it went Sally!