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Karen 7th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Assistant
We did these yesterday with a group. It was hectic but fun and social. The group worked together to produce about 5 of these and they came out so well. Great feedback from residents on how much they enjoyed this session and after an hour and a half most were still going strong. Very engaging and great way to use up lots of bits and pieces of craft paper, glitter, contact, buttons, etc.
Anna 28th Mar 2023 Recreation
Thanks for creating this craft idea. This was a huge hit with my participants. A wonderful group project idea, as everyday involved did their part and it all came together so colorful and had everyone's unique style to it. I would be looking forward to more of these - group based art project ideas for other themes too !
Janet 9th Mar 2020 Activity Co Ordinator
thank you for sharing all these wonderful activities, my residents are loving them
Talita 9th Mar 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Janet!
Astrid 23rd Mar 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
I laminated the pieces of the decorated leprechaun to then blu tack to the wall except for the face which had cotton wool. Its part of this years st patricks day display which was put up in the weeks leading up to the day. See photos. This is a high traffic area in the care centre where the display changes often to reflect different themes for everyone to enjoy.
Talita 24th Mar 2016
Astrid how lovely! Thank you so much for sending in a picture.
meredith 19th Feb 2016 Activity co ordinator
I am going to do this with our residents, I am sure they will enjoy the session.......they love the craft activities
Rosalind 15th Mar 2014 Assistand D/T - AIN
I'll give this a go on Monday 17th 2014
It looks really easy for all residents with hand issues to be able to manage
as a big group activity
denise 17th Mar 2011 Recreation activities officer
made this craft item the residents enjoyed it. Have made the templates which make it so easy to do
Marina 12th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist I/T
What a great craft. Many thanks. Having the
templates make it so easy. Marina
Valerie 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist
great I will try this with our resident\'s I am sure they will be excited about it