Mandalas, meaning

Mandalas, meaning "circles" in Sanskrit, are objects of meditation and prayer. Their geometric designs evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity. This ancient form of meditative art is a wonderful activity to engage in with the elderly. 

In this article we cover:

  • 6 Benefits of Mandala Activities for the Elderly
  • How to Create Mandalas
  • Colouring Mandala Templates

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Cecilia 18th Oct 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
It's good to hear from all of you. This site is very helpful. Another thing I do for my residents is that I make copies of pictures and word find and leave them in the room so that they are available when the residents feel like doing something. In a day or two after leaving them I check back to see how much they have done. Sometimes when I do one-on-one visits I also use that time to work on the project.
We also work on puzzles both in groups or individually.
Cecilia 28th Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
My residents enjoy the thing I have given them to color and are always excited when it is coloring time. there are times that I sit in the room and color with a resident if they are not in the mood for group coloring. I also include with coloring pictures a memory game, items that are the same, or animals and their babies, or even fruits, match the name to the fruit. These things as simple as they seem are big help to them and it might take some time for them to remember but it is helpful. So as they find the item they color them to as real as they can remember them to be. I call this activity Coloring with friends, and this encourages communication.
The things that we might think is childish for our seniors are sometimes good for them.
Talita 3rd Oct 2022
This is lovely Cecilia, your residents are lucky to have you. I agree, so many so-called 'childish' activities can be enjoyed by seniors and can spark conversation, reminiscing and happy memories of the past.
Sr Rafaele 6th Sep 2022 Occupational Therapist
thank you for sharing your variety of activities. The mandalas are a great hit with our seniors.
Talita 12th Sep 2022
Thank you for your feedback Sr Rafaele!
Georgia 20th Jan 2016 caregiver
Colouring continues to be of great benefit in aged care. We have introduced our residents to watercolours and acrylic painting besides crayons. Our latest venture is:- We are recycling an old large Hot Water tank. Our art animator led our residents with acrylic paint on this tank. On completion we are placing it on a prominent site at the facility and invite some guests (the residents' relatives) for the inauguration. The residents already feel proud on their achievement!
Dianne 11th Jan 2016 Support worker
We have been having great success with the adult colouring. Our consumers are finding it very relaxing when doing it at respite and a few have bought their own books to colour in at home.
Maryann 17th Aug 2015
At present we have an Art Program - using acrylics - l am looking to intoduce this(Mandalas) to a select few Residents who are intereted
Megan 11th Aug 2015 Aged Care Worker
We have been using these at our facilities, the residents find this relaxing and enjoyable.
I give the resident a Clipboard with the image to colour in and a container of pencils.
This is particularly good for those whom like to stay in there rooms and prefer to not interact with others.