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Melissa 28th Aug 2018 Activities Director
Please add more like this. I have a resident who came to an activity for the first time today in 3 years. I learned he loved math. I went back to my office and printed this out. Brought it to him and he completed it in minutes. He had such a smile on his face and asked for more!!!!!!
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Thanks for your feedback Melissa, what a great outcome! The next installment is out now:

He may also enjoy this maths game:
Susan 19th Aug 2018 Activity Director
You can change the problems to suit the needs of the your residents
Encourage all to do this because it's definitely cognitive stimulation
Lisa 18th Aug 2018 Activities for Seniors
My clients will like this! Thank you Golden Carers!
Talita 19th Aug 2018
Thanks for your feedback Lisa!