A simple idea where a group of random objects are displayed on a tray for a limited period of time and then the clients try and recall what the items were.

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Hayat 16th Jul 2021 Recreation Officer
It's beautiful activities thanks Liza to sharing !!!
Owen 19th Mar 2019 Retired
Congratulations to Liza and Fernanda.
We do this one in Scouting. It is called Kim's Game and was invented by Baden-Powell from the work of Rudyard Kipling. If you read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling Chapter 9 you will learn what Kim's Game is. Baden-Powell thought that it was a splendid game for developing observation in Boy Scouts. There are many forms and it can be developed for Seniors with memory deficits, even dementia. See any Scout manual and it will be part of a Scouting activity.

Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Tanja 11th Aug 2022 Activities Aide
Cool! I always enjoy new reading ideas too!
Nellie 20th Mar 2018 Volunteer Actually Director
Great ideas Liza!!
Thank you
Fernanda 7th May 2017 Allied Health Assistant
Hi Liza,
I have done this in our PAG and modified it to assist those with memory deficits. All the items I place on the tray start with the same letter. An example would be 'S'.....stapler, piece of string, sticky tape, scissors, swizzle stick, salt shaker, packet of seeds, shell, rubber snake, spoon. The choice of items can lead to reminiscence and at times lots of laughter.
Corazon 7th Aug 2016 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Powerpoint issues? Great activity!
Talita 15th Aug 2016
Hi Corazon,

If you have powerpoint installed this file should work for you .

Liza 6th May 2016 Activities Officer
Unfortunately the PowerPoint file didn't go through - I'm working on it.
Talita 7th May 2016
What a wonderful activity Liza, thank you for sharing! I have added the powerpoint and pdf.