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Gabby 21st Apr 2022 Social Support Coordinator
Can someone help me to find this template of monthly calendars I came across one day while I was flicking through activities. Now I couldn't find it. Please if someone can help me. I would really appreciate it
Thank you so much
Ariane 18th Apr 2018 Recreation Officer
Our Residents really enjoyed doing Word search thanks for Golden Carers website for great ideas .
Regards Ariane
Talita 23rd Apr 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Ariane!
patricia 22nd Apr 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
My residents enjoy doing word searches. Can you recommend any free websites to go to.
talita 22nd Apr 2013
Hi Patricia,

Have you seen the word searches available on the Golden Carers website? There are around 50 available here:

You can also create you own word search puzzles for any theme or event here: