Songs include music from genre's ranging from Gospel, Rock & Roll, Country Western, Musicals, and more. All of the songs can be found on Youtube.

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Clare 24th Feb 2023 Retired
Thankyou so much for sharing this but I have a query! I hardly dare ask it because it is probably so obvious!
I've printed off 12 of version 1, for the calling cards do I print off 1 of version 1 again?
Also what is the difference between version 1 &2 ? Sorry to be so dumb!!!
Also what is the song list for? It's very useful but I don't see what part it plays in playing Bingo.
Susan 24th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Stephanie and Shelly for Sharing
Shelly 11th Oct 2021 Volunteer
Thank you for this Stephanie! After listening to all of the songs, I decided to make a modified version that replaced several melancholy or lesser known songs with upbeat alternatives (Version 2).
I also created a YouTube Music playlist at with these songs and plan to use Shuffle to let YouTube mix it up for me. Would you happen to know if Shuffle will go through the whole list before it repeats a song? Hope so.
Stephanie 23rd Nov 2021 Recreation Therapist
I think your version looks great. I'm not sure about the shuffle feature but my guess is that it would go through the whole list before repeating a song.