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Susan 14th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lori
I don’t know for sure but it sounds like mark one letter at a time
However do what works best with your residents
Lori 13th Jan 2020 Activity
Do you have them mark one letter at a time or multiple
JILL 2nd Feb 2016 activity coordinator
This game is just what I am looking for !! I will give it a whirl on Thursday and report back . Thank you
Gloria 23rd Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
This sounds like something even my high care residents will be able to participate in. Looking forward to giving it a go. Thanks for sharing your great idea!
Leanne 19th Jan 2016 Activities Officer
OH! I think our residents will LOVE this! Thank you so much for putting it up. I shall try it on Friday. What a fabulous idea.
Solange 17th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sandy, thank you for sharing. You are very innovative in adapting existing games for clients. Great work!
Sandy 17th Jan 2016
Thank you Solange. I think we are all in the same situation with no or limited budgets so giving a new twist to an old idea is a must.
Just wanted to thank you also for your website - you can't imagine how often it has inspired me. Thank you also to everyone for sharing your ideas. :)
Cheers Sandy