Here is a newsletter template for December 2023 in WORD format. So easy to edit and customize!

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Abby 29th Nov 2022 Activity Director
Excited to use this
Sonya 22nd Nov 2021 Lifestyle Co Ordinator
Absolutely fantastic template, makes my life soo much easier
Talita 30th Nov 2021
Oh thank you so much for your feedback Sonya, so good to hear!
Ashley 5th Nov 2021 Life Enrichment Director
Is it possible to have the template in an 11x17 format?
Maurice 7th Nov 2021
Hi Ashley!

Currently we don't have custom paper sizes for Newsletter Templates. One workaround is to use the current file and make any changes you need. Once you're done, save it as a PDF, and then print the PDF on your Tabloid 11x17 printer and scale the content to fit the page.

The added benefit is you don't have to try and scale all the content, as it will do that for you when printing. That works for any Word document you're using that isn't as big as you'd like :)

I hope that helps!
Meg 2nd Nov 2021 Project Officer
Brilliant - great newsletter template - thank you!! Love this site!
Talita 6th Nov 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Meg!
Season 20th Nov 2020 Activities Director
Can you make a template of the Newsletter in a PDF file as well?
Talita 30th Nov 2020
Hi, you can convert it into a pdf once you have edited. In word, you select:
File > Save As and in the Save As Type dropdown select pdf.

I hope this helps!
Esther 12th Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist
These newsletter templates are great! However, the Dec newsletter has the wrong calendar in it (October).
Maurice 12th Nov 2020
Sorry about that Esther, all fixed! Thanks for letting us know :)