Learn, educate, and have fun! This is a fun group activity where seniors can indulge in wonderful recollections of their gardens.
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Learn, educate, and have fun! This is a group activity where clients can indulge in wonderful recollections of their gardens.

They may guess the name and type; whether tree, herb, or flower.

You may also photocopy with answers concealed and give to clients to do at their leisure. Check answers later.

1.Cat___________ nip (herb)
2.Cow___________ slip (flower)
3.Crab___________ apple/pear (deciduous tree)
4.Goose___________ berry (fruit)
5.Cranes___________ bill (flower)
6.Fox___________ glove (flower)
7.Spider___________ wort (flower)
8.Pony___________ tail (ornamental)
9.Dog___________ wood (flower)
10.Skunk___________ bush (shrub)
11.Stag___________ horn (fern)
12.Worm___________ wood (herb)
13.Tick___________ seed (flower)
14.Tiger___________ lily (flower)
15.Chick___________ weed (flower)
16.Bee___________ balm (flower)
17.Goats___________ beard (flowering bush)
18.Snake___________ head (flower)
19.Toad___________ flax (flower)
20.Rattle___________ snake (succulent)

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AJ 5th Feb 2019 Activity Director
These are perfect for "call out the answer" type trivia, good for just before meals, while waiting for an entertainer, etc. Thanks for all the great quizzes!
Talita 8th Feb 2019
Thanks AJ, we always appreciate hearing about what works well and what you want to see more of!
Monica 3rd Jul 2018 Social Worker - Aged Care
Clients had to think with this one - thank you they really enjoyed the challenge
Talita 7th Jul 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Monica! x
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