When planning your program for a 'Volunteers Luncheon' you may encourage some residents to participate actively by reading a poem. Here are a few poems suitable to the occasion.

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Kimberly 27th Aug 2019 Activity Director
I am so happy to have found Golden Carers.
Thank you for helping me find new ways to do just about everything after 12 years as an activity director.
Talita 2nd Sep 2019
Thank you so very much for your feedback Kimberly, it means a lot to us!
Wendy 12th Apr 2016 Volunteer Coordinator
My Company (Flexi Care Inc) is shouting our volunteers to dinner during Volunteer Week with a visiting magician.....we are blessed with our amazing volunteers...It twill be a fun evening!
Talita 15th Apr 2016
How lovely Wendy! I'm sure they will feel very much appreciated.
Andrea 7th Apr 2016 Manager
I am very short staffed at the moment so this is a lovely idea to say a huge thanx to all who have worked so hard.
dorothy 15th Apr 2014 diversional therapist
I love these they sum up our volunteers perfectly