Pool / Snooker outing and Pub Lunch

Pool / Snooker outing and Pub Lunch

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debbie 4th Aug 2012 day centre coordinator
yes, a wonderful idea. I run a community group and have a dedicated mens day where we visit local atractions, but always end up at the pub...funny that!!! men enjoy the company of other men and the interaction is so different to a ladies day.
solange 23rd Jun 2012 Diversional Therapist
That's a great social outing! Snooker, beer and Chinese diner; how lucky are your residents. Well done.
Katja 20th Jun 2012 Recreation Activiites Officer
I have been running a men's group for over a year whereby a "male volunteer" comes to the facility and walk three of our residents to our local pub.

They have a couple of beers and play at least 3 games of snooker. They also have darts but prefer the snooker. They then go to our local Chinese a couple of doors further down from the pub and have a $6.00 meal as our local pub does not have a bistro.

The activity runs from 11.00am until 2.00pm. I'm lucky that our pub and restaurants are all walking distance. They go at least twice to three times per month.
Katja Jefferys