All answers rhyme with the word: LIGHT
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Rhyming Riddles #9

All answers rhyme with the word LIGHT

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1. Engage in conflict Answer
2. Not left Answer
3. How tall you are Answer
4. A toy for a windy day Answer
5. Sudden fear or alarm Answer
6. Cut with your teeth Answer
7. Great Power Answer
8. Period of darkness Answer
9. The opposite of dim Answer
10. Power of vision Answer
11. The opposite of loose Answer
12. The color of snow Answer
13. Construction location Answer
14. Set of stairs Answer
15. Ask someone to come over Answer
16. A real joy Answer
17. Use pen and paper Answer
18. Start to burn Answer
19. On fire Answer
20. Someone who wears shining armour Answer

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Susan 9th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lora
I must commend your efforts
Helping a person with dementia is not easy
I am glad you are a member of golden Carers because there are many good ideas here
A person you hire does not always have ideas even though they should so it’s good that you give them things to do
There are things you can do besides driving your mother around
Tell her it’s her day off
Have someone call her and tell her day off
You could have a sign somewhere in the house that you can see that says you are on vacation
Anyway thanks for all you do
Lora Lakin 8th Dec 2020
I live with my mother in her home and am challenged to engage her every day. She always wants to "go to work" so I have to drive around town til she is distracted. Also, when I hire an in home care giver, they need something to do. THey do not seem to come with ideas to engage her. Thanks for all your ideas, I will prepare them for my in home caregivers to do.
Also, I liked the making bird feeders idea with pine cones. She enjoyed that with today's caregiver.
Candy 1st Aug 2020
Thank for the free activities!! I'm a homemade aide, and its great to have this resource for clients with Dementia/Alzemiers.
Talita 2nd Aug 2020
Thanks for your feedback Candy!
jennifer young 11th Feb 2020
Thank you for all your free activities, it is a nice addition to my other activities.
Susan 11th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for your input Jennifer
Helen Jones 26th Mar 2019
It was a great activity they love it, Thanks so much.
Talita 30th Mar 2019
Thanks for your feedback Helen!
Tereza 9th Oct 2018 Day Program Coordinator
This is a great resource to have!
Talita 15th Oct 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Tereza!
Catalina 5th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Thank you so much. I and the residents appreciate your ideas and thank goodness i found you,.
Talita 6th Aug 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Catalina!
Great activity for my group they love it. Thanks so much
Talita 5th Aug 2018
Thanks so much Camille!
Lisa 31st Jul 2018 Activities for Seniors
WOW! YOU MADE ANOTHER ONE! Thank you very much! I appreciate your hard work.

Talita 31st Jul 2018
Thanks so much Lisa, we really appreciate your support!
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