Wind chimes have been known to have a healing effect on the mind; reducing stress and promoting relaxation with their soothing melodies created by the wind.

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Jacqui 2nd Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist
love the idea i'm looking at put widchimes in our courtyard area so our people with sight problems can enjoy them when outside.
Ann 2nd Dec 2014 recreation
We are finding it hard to make or create activities for our men thank you for that great idea Heather
Deb 26th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Also consider using the old analogue TV antennas for tubing if making your own chimes. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of their old antenna.
Heather 21st Jan 2014
Men's club Wind Chimes made out of off cut Pipes, Plumbers Pipe, String, washer, and fishing tackle to add to the effect.
Linda 5th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapy Asst
That looks great Heather :)
Heather 21st Jan 2014
these are a great to make in your men's club, our men's made them last year and loved it. I went to our local bunnings and asked for some off cuts they were very helpful. I now have a gentlemen that loves to fix things so now he goes out each morning and makes sure they are still all working and lets me know when one is tangled. I bring it down and he sits and fixes it. (so not only a sensory activity but assists others to keep busy as well)
Nicola 21st Jan 2014 Care Facilitator
In our respite centre we have a wind chime and two bird baths in the garden. A local Noisy Minor comes down everyday and plays with the wind chime and the clients love it. The local Currawongs and Noisies come every day and have a drink and a bath and one of the clients has taken on the responsibility of keeping the baths full so everyone has benifited as well as our local fauna!