Wind chimes have been known to have a healing effect on the mind; reducing stress and promoting relaxation with their soothing melodies created by the wind.
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Wind chimes can provide valuable sensory stimulation for seniors, especially for people living with dementia and those confined to bed.

Listening to wind chimes brings peace and contentment. Hang them close to windows in the rooms of residents or on balconies, patios and verandahs.

Wind chimes have been known to have a healing effect on the mind; reducing stress and promoting relaxation with their soothing melodies created by the wind.

Benefits of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can provide many benefits, including:

  • Stimulate the senses
  • Calm restless minds
  • Provide entertainment and relieve boredom
  • Promote interaction & communication
  • Wind chimes also look beautiful!

Origins of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes originated in China, where it was believed they warded off negative energy and increased the flow of 'CHI' (positive energy) in their surroundings. Wind chimes are played by the breeze and produce melodious sounds, sometimes tinkling, sometimes sharp, depending on the size and types of materials used.

They can be made from a wide variety of different materials including bamboo, metal, earthenware, shell, stone, aluminum, glass or porcelain. Each wind chime has its own unique tone and pitch. Prices vary from inexpensive to very expensive ($10 to $500+). You can also make your own wind chimes.

What type of wind chime do you need?

  • Determine your budget
  • Decide how large you would like the wind chime to be
  • Look for a wind chime that will fit in nicely with it's surroundings
  • Be considerate of neighbors; some wind chimes are rather loud
  • Shop around for a good price

How to choose the right wind chime

  • The number of tubes in a wind chime determines the variety of sound.
  • If choosing a wind chime without tubes look out for tone and depth (bamboo chimes have mellow tones and look great).
  • Buy wind chimes that are on display so you know how they sound.
  • The size of the wind chime does not matter; if you have the space you may buy a large one. The most important thing is that the sound is pleasing to the ear.

If a resident does not enjoy having a window or door open, consider a solar chime. These are great alternatives to traditional chimes and can be hung in sunlight indoors. They are more expensive however.

If your budget is tight you may ask the resident's relatives to buy wind chimes for them or even consider making some - this could be a great activity for your men's club.

Wind chimes are so lovely to have around. They provide a tranquil and pleasing sound that fills the area. I own four wind chimes, and I never tire of listening to them!

NOTE: Wind chimes are not suitable for everybody and some could have adverse reactions. Consult with clinical staff before introducing wind chimes to residents.

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Jacqui 2nd Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist
love the idea i'm looking at put widchimes in our courtyard area so our people with sight problems can enjoy them when outside.
Ann 2nd Dec 2014 recreation
We are finding it hard to make or create activities for our men thank you for that great idea Heather
Deb 26th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Also consider using the old analogue TV antennas for tubing if making your own chimes. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of their old antenna.
Heather 21st Jan 2014 Recreation Activities Officer
Men's club Wind Chimes made out of off cut Pipes, Plumbers Pipe, String, washer, and fishing tackle to add to the effect.
Linda 5th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapy Asst
That looks great Heather :)
Heather 21st Jan 2014 Recreation Activities Officer
these are a great to make in your men's club, our men's made them last year and loved it. I went to our local bunnings and asked for some off cuts they were very helpful. I now have a gentlemen that loves to fix things so now he goes out each morning and makes sure they are still all working and lets me know when one is tangled. I bring it down and he sits and fixes it. (so not only a sensory activity but assists others to keep busy as well)
Nicola 21st Jan 2014 Care Facilitator
In our respite centre we have a wind chime and two bird baths in the garden. A local Noisy Minor comes down everyday and plays with the wind chime and the clients love it. The local Currawongs and Noisies come every day and have a drink and a bath and one of the clients has taken on the responsibility of keeping the baths full so everyone has benifited as well as our local fauna!
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