Here are some more funny short story jokes to share!

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Melanie 11th May 2020 Recreational Activities Officer
HI i am looking for jokes to put into a newsletter so they need to be funny and i suspect clean hahaha can anyone help.
thanks mel.
Jana 19th Jun 2019 Activity Manager Dementia Unit
A farmer was rocking on his front porch,suddenly he sees a black Cadillac driving up the dirt road. A man in a black suit steps out of the car, holds up a badge and announces " My name is Robert Duncan, I am from the United States Government Agriculture Department, I am here to inspect your land , and with this badge i have the authority to go anywhere I want ". The farmer smiled at the man, " you can inspect whatever you want, but I strongly suggest you stay away from Lot #3"
The Government official again held up his badge and declared "Did you clearly understand that with this badge I can go anywhere in the U>S>of A !"
The farmer calmly advised again, "I warned you, stay away from Lot #3"
The government official replied " Well you have raised my suspicion, and I WILL go inspect Lot #3", the farmer smiled and waved.
The Official drove to the land marked Lot#3, he walked into a clearing, seeing nothing, all of a sudden he heard a bull in back of the pasture starting to charge, he started screaming "HELP" and the farmer yelled to him "Show him your badge "
Lisa 19th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors
Especially like the Senior Special joke!