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Debra 21st Jun 2019 Sitter
Love your short stories!! I sit around and read them aloud at different times throughout the day when the residents are bored and just sitting around. They love hearing them and I enjoy hearing them laugh
Talita 24th Jun 2019
This is lovely to hear Debra! Thanks so much for your feedback.
Gillian 29th Apr 2019 House Wife
I love this site. The activities are amazing, and such a blessing to our group members. Thank you so much.
Talita 29th Apr 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Gillian. We appreciate it so much!
Tshai 27th Feb 2019 Psychologist
Thanks for providing so many informational activities, that we never run out. God bless.
Talita 2nd Mar 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Tshai! All the very best to you!