Here are some more funny short story jokes to share!

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Elle 2nd Jul 2019 Recreation Officer
Love these short stories. More please
Talita 7th Jul 2019
Hi Elle, the next installment can be found here:
Talita 27th Jun 2019
Thanks for the feedback everyone, more coming!
Susan 27th Jun 2019 Activity Director
I find short stories are good to read aloud
You should make them inter-active and break them up and ask the residents for their comments
Diane 27th Jun 2019 Activities Director
I love the short stories!!!
Diane 27th Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator
These funny short stories are perfect for my monthly newsletter! Thank you so much for posting more! I just love being a member here, you have more material than I can ever imagine using. It's wonderful to have this resource.
Lisa 23rd Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors