Sightseeing Bingo

Sightseeing Bingo

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A 'Sightseeing' themed bingo!

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Shelly 3rd Oct 2021 Volunteer
Love this! I'm going to use this today during my volunteer Bingo calling at my mother's assisted living place. A nice addition might be a short overview of each of the places, to add some educational value/interest to the game.
Susan 19th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Sarah has many Picture bingo cards that your residents may like
Kristin 19th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator
I love these! Thank you so much!
Robert 16th Feb 2019 Nurse
Thank you so much for these!!!
Talita 14th Feb 2019
Love your bingo games Sara, they are amazing!
Sara 14th Feb 2019 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator
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